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A Complete Review of The Lost Ways Book

Product NameThe Lost Ways
AuthorClaude Davis
Where to Buy?www.TheLostWays.com

If you are the type of person who is concerned about the future and the many disasters that can take place in your day to day life, then worry no more. The Lost Ways has come to put your mind at ease. Created by David Lewis, It is a 350-page survival program that contains important knowledge from the ancestors of the modern America designed to prepare and teach you how to handle life-changing disasters such as economic downfall, wars, and natural disasters. The program will motivate and teach you how to help and protect your friends and family during worst-case scenarios without using any type of modern technology.

Disasters or calamities can originate from anywhere, whether it’s at work, school, home, or any other place. These disasters normally cause a lot of tension in the various communities around us which also leads to a steady decline in productivity. If not handled well, it may eventually lead to a reduction in life. This is where The Lost Ways book comes in, providing you with various ways in which these situations can be handled well and showing you how to help the people around you to overcome the difficulties they are facing. For more information you should read this article from NNY Survival Guide.

What Motivated the Creation of The Lost Ways Book?

Claude Davis strongly believes that people from all over the world are changing for the worse. He says that people have become too comfortable because of the modern technologies available everywhere today that makes everyone’s lives easier and more comfortable. He also said that once they lose these things they depend on for their day to day livelihood, they will simply have no clue how to go on with their lives. Davis then explains that it would be very beneficial for people if they learn the long forgotten ways of their forefathers and ancestors who were able to thrive and survive without the use of modern resources such as electricity, refrigerators, the internet, electronic gadgets, and many others which people are currently highly dependent upon.

What is Entailed in The Lost Ways Survival Book?

In The Lost Ways, Claude Davis teaches you the various ways in which our ancestors used to handle all types of situations in their everyday lives without the use of modern technologies that we are currently very dependent on. The program clearly shows you how modern survival equipment is very ineffective and unreliable and that survival mechanisms do not require any investment in the form of money. The techniques detailed in the book can even show you how to survive alone in a disaster which manages to kill everyone around you.

Most people have no clue how to prepare food without using cookers and shop ingredients. However, The Lost Ways is more than exceptional when it comes to teaching you how to make a nutritious and delicious meal using only basic ingredients which are not available in commercial shops. Moreover, it teaches on the various healthcare survival methods you can implement in order to survive when there are no modern antibiotics available.

Preservation of water is also a vital key to surviving when there is no reliable water source available and The Lost Ways highlights all the different ways our forefathers used to preserve water for several months. Such techniques can also be employed in your current homestead and you will be surprised how rewarding it can be.

The program will also help you learn how to live without being completely dependent on various modern amenities such as cars, refrigerators, supermarket products, etc. You will then gradually understand how living a simple life is more beneficial and rewarding than living a modern sophisticated life. As a matter of fact, you will always remain calm during disasters when others are busy trying to find modern survival mechanisms that they are already used to which are probably not available.

The Book will also show you how Native Americans survived by building a well-camouflaged shelter which was used as a hideout from harsh environments.

Finally, The Lost Ways Book will also provide you with very detailed step-by-step instructions on how to build a rotation system for going about your daily living after catastrophic events.

The Lost Ways entails much more survival details than the ones highlighted above. Any survival mechanisms that were used by our ancestors are all in the book. You are even likely to find methods of surviving that you didn’t even think could be possible.


  • The book is very affordable and does its best to provide you with unique survival techniques at a low-cost. Other survival books containing such techniques normally come at a steep price.
  • The book’s program can provide you with techniques to help you live a healthier life even when there is no disaster yet. This is due to the various cooking techniques it entails that require no artificial ingredients.
  • The whole guide is comprehensive and very easy to understand. Claude Davis has organized every aspect of the guide in a way that even someone who is lazy will find it very intriguing and will also feel the need to go through every page.
  • This program does not believe in money thereby providing a cheaper way of enjoying life by getting rid of expensive materials that you use for your day to day living such as cars, electricity, supermarkets, and many others. Eventually, you will find yourself wasting less time on habits that have you spending money unnecessarily.
  • The entire book comes with 100% back money guarantee. If for any reason you felt that The Lost Ways Book did not live up to your expectation, which you are not likely to, then you can ask for your money back.


  • The program takes time before you can begin seeing results. The actions detailed in the book must be repeated severally and the application of these tips will be different for everyone. Thereby, if you are not willing to put in the required effort, then the book might not be helpful.
  • The book is only available in a digital format as of now which may not be ideal for some people who prefer the traditional method of book reading. If you really need a physical book, then you will have to print the digital version yourself.

What You Get

After each purchase of The Lost Ways Ebook, buyers will also get two additional bonus survival books. These are; ‘A Step-By-Step Guide to Building Your Own Can Rotation System’, and ‘What Every Survivalist Should Grow in His Backyard’.


Being prepared for any outcome that may arise is always a good move that helps anyone to move towards living a safe and enjoyable life. Preparing for any kind of event, whether good or bad, is always important. Having the knowledge and skills that will help you survive all types of situations could save your family, friends, and more importantly yourself. So if you want a good and simple guide that will clearly show you how to survive all kinds of disasters and catastrophes, then The Lost Ways is definitely the book for you. The program is completely genuine and has been tested in several countries with many users from all over the world saying very good things about it. Moreover, in case you are not pleased with the guide, you can always claim your money back so there is really nothing to lose. Buy your copy of The Lost Ways Book today, and get yourself fully prepared for any possible future outcome that may undermine modern living.

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